Tdk reflex colour 74min and LiteOn 40125W

Greetings to all freaks out there!

Ok, here is my problem:

I used TDK reflex colour (blue) disks 74min (item code: CD-R74CBEC) with my LiteOn 40125W drive. These disks are certified up to 12x. But when I burnt them at that speed, ALL (I mean ALL) the sectors, according to CD Nero Speed’s “Surface Scan”, were damaged (yellow). I tried to lower the speed at 4x, but there were again damaged sectors, a lot of them (but not all). I burnt the same image to the LiteOn CD-RW disk that came with my drive at max speed (12x I think) and all sectors were good (green)!

Well, I thought TDK disks were good. Any advice/comment?

LiteOn 40x is not made for old discs. It can’t handle them.

Can’ t handle old disks?
This is the first time I hear this! But, I guess, you are the master!
Ok then, what disks do you suggest?
Since I also have a lot of these TDKs, is there an optimal speed at which I can burn them?

Can’ t handle old disks?
This is the first time I hear this!

It’s just my experience. If I scan old TDKs, written with HP 7100 or Yamaha 8424, their C1 error rate is as low as the best I got out of my LiteOn (or even lower).
But when feeding older discs into it, only Verbatim Metal-Azo work.

Ok then, what disks do you suggest?

  • TDK Reflex Ultra 24x (made by Taiyo Yuden, write 24x or 32x)
  • TDK Reflex Ultra 32x (made by TDK, write 40x / 48x)
  • Moser Baer (32x certified, can be written at 48x, but don’t put them into sunlight! )

Do not use Verbatim Super-Azo. The drive itself can read them very well after writing, but my Toshiba 1502 reports damaged sectors then.

You might have a look at

Click onto a picture to get ATIP, speed it is certified for, speed I burnt it at, and the writer I used.

Some of these are not liteon-burnt.

Ok man, thanks a lot!

i had a similar problem with verbatim super azo. i read the cd with my old crap cdrom and all the sectors were yellow. but when i tested in two different drives one old and one new, the cd read all green, not a single error. i also tested how the game played in the psx and it worked flawless!

to solve your problem, try to copy a music cd or psx cd and test it out and see if it has any skipping or is unable to play. if everything works fine than its just cdspeed giving unaccurate readings.

good luck:)

Well will only add that if these discs is the old TDK type made by TDK then I’ve had only bad experiences with them.

32X and newer Lite-On’s do not like these disc types:

Sony made by sony (in some cases)
16X and older TDK made by TDK
16X and older Verbatim datalifeplus.
Fornet international (dark blue back).
Multimedia masters & Machinery (dark blue back).
and I’m sure there is other old blue back discs that is bad…

On the other hand olt Taiyo Yuden and all old phthalocyanine discs have worked well (kodak, prodisc, mitsui toatsu…)

@cd pirate:
Thanks for the advice. I have burnt 2 of these old TDKs with PSX games and they play correctly (well, so far!). However, I don’t think it’s CD Speed’s fault, because I 've tested these TDKs with wses as well and, man, they had lots of C2 errors!

Thanks m8. Actually, these are old TDKs made by TDK. I wish I 've known before…

By the way, listen to this: I burnt at 4x the same images at MMORE 32x cd-rs and all sectors were green (and no C2 errors as well). How come that so many people claim that MMORE = crap? Will there appear some other problem in the long run?

MMORE (those produced by Moser Baer India with Mulimedia masters machinery manufacturing equipment, phthalocyanine dye).

My experience:

-Scratches easily
-Low resitance to sunlight/low lifespan.
-Smartburn allows 48X recording on these…but that is not recommended…I’ve got several failures at 48X and lots of errors at 40 and 48X.
-The writer must support these discs (many old writers do not).

What about Mitsui CD-Rs?

Most of them is very good and highly recommended. I’ve never had problems with them and especially the gold ones is good.

Your opinion of Acer Gold 24x & 32x
They work very well in my LG 8400 (8meg) 701 meg in 2:57 error free.

Which 80 min CD-Rs are good for my LiteOn 40125W?
Any CD-RWs (74 and 80 min) also?


Well, man, make a search for Tayio Yuden
and you’ll for sure spend all day and night long on reading this issue