TDK +R or -R 100pk at amazon for $24.99

Any good?

Filler for 0.59c:-

Find any amazon filler :-

If it’s CMC MAG M01, probably not. Some colored TDKs I just bought at Staples are getting about one questionable saver out of ten. I’ve tried burning using various settings with a BenQ 1650, Pioneer 111D and Liteon 160P6S with very little luck. In fact, I haven’t got a single burn I’d trust for long term. :frowning:

Yeah, TDK is just “so-so” these days. Haven’t been impressed with any of their media for a while. Certainly not the worst out there but you can do better for the money.

Pretty much the same here, I bought a few 30 packs from Staples Monday
and with ink coupon’s they were just over $5 each, good for testing :slight_smile:

See here: