TDK+R -- from Europe

A friend just sent me a pile of 8x TDK+R, bought in Leeds, UK – they’re in spindles of 10 disks. They have no indication of place of manufacture, just identifying themselves as ‘TDK Recording Media Europe S.A.’ with a Luxembourg address.

I have no working burner right now, so can’t check into these disks. Does anyone happen to know what they are? – made where and by whom? And are they much good? Maybe someone has had experience with these disks(?)

I’d appreciate any information I can get.

TDK has a factory in Luxembourg

Most TDK goods burn very well

Thanks. That’s very pleasing to know. (At least they’re not made in Taiwan.)

Most of TDK discs are available via TDK Europe (HQ in Luxemburg)-If not say made in somewhere ,most probably made in somewhere in Asia with co-operation by other-Not always been good stuff,depends on OEM factory control

CompUSA sells 25 spindles of TDK 16x + Made in Luxenbourg.

You’re right, Gary. These TDKs don’t identify any manufacturer, and DVD Identifier says they’re made by Moser Baer India Ltd, which I take it is not a good sign. Oh well, a lesson learned.

I bought 25-packs of TDK DVD+R 8x from Luxembourg which had media code TDK002, burnt really well at 12x with NEC ND-3500A with 2C8_SE_Ritek_4X_DL-firmware. I was able to burn them 16x too, but regarding the results, 12x seemed a better choise.

Moser is not too bad.

This 8x TDK+R was burned at 8x.

First scan: 8x TDK -R made in Taiwan.
Second and third scans: 16x TDK -R made in Luxembourg.

8X TDK?? I haven’t seen 8X TDK made elsewhere but Taiwan and Japan, predominantly Taiwan. Agent009, I saw a burn of TTG02 on the BenQ 1640 with the same FW you have, looks very nice, it might be posted by you, but I forgot.

Some 8x TDKs are made in India, too.

No problems with Taiwanese TTG02 TDKs at 8x, but this Luxembourg-made “stuff” is the worst 16x I’ve ever tried.

And here’s another which was burned a few minutes ago.

I know only one single MID code for all DVD+R TDK branded, that is: “TDK-002”

but for the DVD-R 8x TDK branded
the MID code is:
TTH01 for the DVD-R 8x for Luxembourg (factory of Basharage)
TTG02 for the DVD-R 8x for Asia (Taïwan or Japan)
For more details you can have a look here

There are reports that this TTH01 MID code is very good …

Here is a photo of the TDK factory at Basharage in “Grand Duchy of LUXEMBOURG”: