TDk -R and +R

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friends of the forum, which your knowledge about for media TDK -R and +R?

thank you very much
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What exactly do you want to know? MID info? How well (or not, as may be the case) they burn?


sorry Arachne

I want to know in general, the quality of the media TDK printable +R and -R, as it is their agility in the recorders pioneer, come in other qualities and defects.


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Printable TDK…I can’t help there (I use the non-printable kind), but hopefully some others can :slight_smile:

It can be burned, and usually gives average results.
However, it’s nothing overwhelming, and the stability is questionable.
Stick to Verbatim, MIJ (but only MIJ) Maxell or Taiyo Yuden. :wink:

As I mentioned in a different thread, I gave away over 40 TDK disks (printable) because I didn’t like the way they burned (I used BenQ, 1640, 1655 & 1625, NEC 1540 and Pioneer 108).
Are you in Brazil? I don’t know about the prices and availability there but I would try to find Verbatim media, media manufactured in Japan (Sony, Fuji or Maxell).