TDK -R and +R 8x 50 Pack Printable in Australia

Does anyone know who manufatures or have purchased
TDK -R and +R 8x 50 Pack Printable in Australia at Power House currently for sale for $34.86.

Codes XM0670 / XM0671

Please help would like to buy some

Thanks in advanced

Hi Mick
They should be the same one’s that i bought from BIG W last week,
the +r are CMC MAG E01 which work good on my pioneer 108 and liton 1653s
-r are TTG02 which are excellent on my pioneer but, will only burn 4x on the

regds sam

I concur - so far have only tried the -R TTG02 which burn excellently on my Pio too with v good scan results. Certified 8x media which can be oversped to 12x.

If the DVD’s are the same as the 8x ±r’s as per this web site ??

Then I think I will go and buy a few packs of the -R’s

Can any one confirm if they are ??


Yes they are, checked my case and is the same as the TDK site.


Thanks sammspeed for your help