TDK +/-R 16x 100pc spindles

CompUSA is selling these 100pc spindles for 20$ a pop.

Definately looks like a good deal, however I’m worried this may be CMC 16x media, which has burned poorly for me in the past.

Any ideas? Does anyone know of any good sales going on today for good media? TIA

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I picked up some from Fry’s a few weeks ago for $24.99; they’re CMC MAG M01. Certainly nowhere near the best, but relatively decent on a good burner.

Verbatim time to time runs for the same price, or get store brand like Staples Brand for a lot less if they have them on sale, you get the same thing for a fraction of the price. IMHO, it is regular price, no deal

Every once in a while Office Depot sells Maxell CDR 50 packs for $5.99. MIT, I think. I picked up one pack a while back a few weeks later three more packs. This is about as cheap as you can get for name brand stuff.

^ I think the original poster was reffering to dvdr’s.

Get the TDK 100 pack dvds from for $11 after rebate and google checkout: