TDK Quesiotn

I just installed the TDK 321040B.

Am I correct that this is a LiteOn drive?

Could this be flashed to LiteOn firmware and what would be the pros and cons?

Thanks - I’m new to CD Freaks so I apologizeif this has been dealt with before.

Sorry - It’s the VeloCD drive, if that makes a difference.

What firmware version do the drive have?

It’s X7S2. I just started using the drive and it seems to be working fine tho when I burn @ 32x with Feurio the summary info after the burn indicates the speed was around 24x (maybe that’s an average speed)? Nero seems be working Ok. So I may not want to court disaster by flashing the firmware (and I only have a 40X CDROM) but I confess I’m curious.

Seems to be a Lite-On drive then.

Notice that it starts writing at 16X so average speed will be a lot lower than 32X.

Also it must support writing the media you use at 32X…else the speed will be limited.

Thanks, if I did want to flash the firmware what Liteon firmware would I use - could I increase the write speed.