TDK Professional CD-R

Does anyone know what the mid can be on TDK Professional CD-R line??

I am looking at some Silver inkjet printable 52x 700mb and would like to know.


More info they are Made in India.

More than likely made by Moser Baer India :wink:

I have some regular TDK CDRs made by MBI.

I use Maxell CD-R Pro (MIJ) made by Taiyo Yuden.

Yeah the Staples Moser Baer India white inkjet I have burn very well.

Might have to jump on these just because I am not in a bet and I can buy media :stuck_out_tongue: :flower:

My Imation CD-R (Made in India) were inconsistent and developed C2 errors within a year. (The DVDs are ok though.)

But maybe it’s just me who had bad luck with Moser Baer CD-R?

At the moment. If I don’t hear anything from the person I have the bet with by 9pm, I’m going media shopping, so nyah :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Well, not media shopping tonight…but I saw some TDK ScratchProof +RWs today that were looking lonely. :sad:

My TDK MBIs seem to produce mixed results - for me, they read back fine, but I burned some audio at 16x for my mum on them as well, and her extremely picky Philips CD player has problems with them, she’s said.

Not just you :disagree: .Last year I bought and burned 200 MBI CDRs (Imation-branded) for short-term use (audio demos), and I was well inspired to use them for short-term, as the ones I kept to check their stability (out of curiosity) are showing unacceptable degradation. The burns weren’t great to start with, either. I’ve heard that MBI have a “superior” line of CDRs, but never came across it.

As for their DVDs (a little OT here :flower: ), all my Imation-branded and TDK-branded MBIPG101 R04s are rock stable, but maybe you’ll remember, I had degradation issues with the Ricoh-branded ones. Go figure. :rolleyes:

Could the TDK Pro CD-Rs made in India be manufactured by Moser Baer but have TDK ATIP?

Sharp mind, [B]Two Degrees[/B]. That’s indeed a possibility. :slight_smile:

Though personally I haven’t come across a TDK Atip for quite long…

The TDK Professional 52x CD-Rs, from the images I saw, were originally made in Luxembourg (before TDK shut the plant down), so I’d assume those had TDK ATIPs. Based on that, I just wondered if the MII ones are as well.