TDK > Plextor 12/10/32a > TDK

Hi, is there software/firmware to change my tdk 12/10/32a into a Plex12/10/32a and back into a tdk again?

There are at least two rebadged TDK 121032 models. One is a Plextor, the other a Ricoh.

Only the rebadged Plextor can be converted to be recognized as a Plextor. Converting it back to a TDK has not been attempted to my knowledge, probably because there is no reason to do so.

If yours is a rebadged Plextor, it might show in Device manager as a TDK CDRW121032. The Ricoh might show as a TDK CDRW121032A. To confirm a Plextor clone, the burner case should have a TLA number on it, which is a Plextor manufacturing code.

The TDK which is a rebadged Plextor can use Plextor firmware if a certain procedure is followed with the right tools. There is no need to convert the drive to a Plextor unless there is some reason other than using Plextor firmware.