TDK now also offers 90 minutes CD-R, first mainstream brand

I just posted the article TDK now also offers 90 minutes CD-R, first mainstream brand.

When the first CD-RW drives arrived also the first CD-R discs came on the market, they were all 74 minutes/650 MB. At that time some games used larger discs, but it didn’t take the CD-R industry…

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you still have to burn them hella slow. What we need is software that will burn up to 80 minutes at a fast speed and sutomatically slow down once it reaches the overburning part.

ohhh, me likes. I already use TDK, and I hope to see these fine CD-Rs in my local stores… But some of my TDKs have been identified as Riteks by CDRInfo. And all of a sudden, they switched from long-strategy dye to short strategy. Are they all manufactured by TDK?

nEXusJ a lot of TDKs are maed by Ritek :frowning: Not that Riteks are garbage, its just that I prefer the TDK made discs. Also, one of the recent reviews of burners @ CDRLabs, showed that Riteks were having burn problems near the end of the disc. The discs made by TDK say made in Japan on the case.

The cdfreaks shop sells 90min cdrs from eg datatrack. Bought a 10pack to test it with my teac burner… works flawless with nero :slight_smile:

Well… here in Italy I’ve already seen these TDK 90 minutes cdr ina transparent and green case.They’ve been here since a month or so . Anyway I always buy ONE cdr of a brand…then burn it ( lite on 48125w ) and scan it with Nero Cd Speed . I don’t trust any brand anymore…even Tayo yuden ( layer quality 1 ) had some problem at 48x ( last 15-20 sectors all yellow ) . Then when I find a good cdr ( regardless of the brand ) I buy 300-400 of them since I don’t know if the next week the same brand I bought will be of the same quality/have the same performance .

I don’t trust Smart Burn feature in Lite On anymore too. With Nero or Clone Cd it says that everything went fine and the cd was burned succesfully but sometimes I scan it with Nero cd Speed and surprise ! Yellow sectors ( or even red with the new Philips 32 silver blue written at 32x !!! ). I experienced this “on my skin” ( as we use to say here in Italy ) when I lost all my OS backup written on cd with Drive Image 2002. It wouldn’t recover from the media since it had some yellow sector. that’s when I learned that a written cd has to be nothing less than perfect !!

Here is some info: Manufacturer : TDK Code : 97m15s05f Disc Type : CD-R Usage : General Recording Layer : Dye Type 5: Short Strategy (Phthalocyanine) Recording Speed : n/a Capacity : 91:01.48 800 MB Additional Capacity : n/a Overburn Capacity : 93: 46. 26 (824 MB)