TDK Multi-Format DVD Burner

I don’t know why the price keeps dropping on this burner but yesterday it was $219 at this site
and today it’s at $199, plus there’s a $30 rebate in addition to that so bottom line is $179 ($10 for shipping when I put it in my cart). Anyone hear bad things about this burner? PC World rates it pretty high but the way the price is dropping, it concerns me a little. Best Buy is also selling it for $199 but no rebate.

Eager Beaver

Most of the time,when you see a price dropping like that is when,a new drive from the same company is about to be introduced,and the retailers are getting rid of the older stock. Just remember ,they’re
in the business of selling those drives,and that particular retailer might have bought too many ,and needs to make room…:cool: