TDK metallic in australia (TY?)

I’ve seen some TDK metaliic here in australia. It is sold in a spindle of 60 (50+10 spindle, wierd huh?) for 37-40. I’ve seen it at dick smith, kmart, big W. lots of places. and they all seem to have a healthy supply of them.

my question is, are these TY? i’ve looked on the pack myself but i can’t see made in japan anywhere. actually it doesnt say anything about where its made.

Does anybody know?

They have a metal cake box btw. which opens not with a screw top like spindles but with an actual lid. its weird.

Made in India - Moser Baer India Ltd.

how did u find that out. do u have some?

man lucky i didnt buy any. i’ll be happy here with my verbatim DLP.

thanks tvcd.:wink:

A mate o’ mine gave us 10 to play with, they’re definetly MBI. :slight_smile:


I just bought a tin of these hoping they were TY - they looked promising.

But no… Moser Baer… The Warehouse (where i bought them from) has a 7-day money back guarentee… I’ll shatter one and claim that they shattered inside my drive and get my money back :cop:

or something… :frowning:

Does anybody know where to buy TAIYO YUDEN in NEW ZEALAND?!??!

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to find… all we have is CMC, Prodisc, Verbatim and the occasional Ritek