TDK Media



I bought 20 TDK Cd-r’s at Wal-Mrt the ones with the goofy designs on the cd’s themselves. They are rated up to 48x and are made by CMC. Problem is, these discs in now way will burn at 48x speed! All I managed to do was burn a few coasters, so much for Burn-Proof! Using a utility, it said it would burn at 4x speed, ridiculous! There is little point in having 48x rated media that won’t burn at any higher speed than 4x. Has anyone else had a similar experience with this TDK media? I have a Lite-on 40/12/48 burner with the latest firmware and I use Nero. I did contact TDK and didn’t get much help from them.:frowning:


Lite-On makes a high quality drive. CMC Magnetics, on the other hand, is known as one of the worst producers of CD-Rs. I suggest using Fuji CD-Rs if you are in the US. Fujis are made by Taiyo Yuden, one of the best (if not the best) CD-R manufacturers available. You can get Fuji media at Best Buy and CompUSA for a very reasonable price.

As you have found, it is very important to use high quality media.


Thanks for the tip, I do have Fuji media I can use. It just irritates me to buy media from a supposed high quality vendor like TDK and not be able to use it.


As you have learned, TDK does not make media, they re-sell it. The plain 48x and 52x TDK is mostly RiTEK-TG, and is working very well for a lot of people.


I’ve always used TDK media from Costco, from back in the days when the surface was deep blue. Now most manufacturers use the so called silver/green surface. Got no problem w/ my 48x TDKs. Although I’ve switched over to Fuji/TY after seeing all the frequent BestBuy deals.


A little more info on the TDK Media: Xtreme is the tag name/10 designs/up to 48x compatable/Certified Plus. CMC Magnetics is the manufacturer. MInfo reports: 40x write/12x read. All this matters little since the Lite-On won’t burn it past 10x. Why is this the case with this media?


as 420Freak already said:

CMC Magnetics, on the other hand, is known as one of the worst producers of CD-Rs.


Forgot to mention the drawing of the ‘burning thumb’ on the inlay card(yikes!) maybe TDK should buy them back from me or replace them or I could use them as ‘coaster frisbees’. Last word on this subject I promise. Thanks to all for their comments/suggestions.:cool: