TDK media

I have recently came across with a number of TDK DVR-R and DVR+R 1-8x media on sale in a local shop. These are sold in cake boxes (10 or 25) and in slim (10) and normal (10) cases. No indication of the country of origin is mentioned (TDK Europe and Grand Duchy of LUXEMBOURG is printed on the box), but on a white sticker in the back Poland is mentioned as country of export. Anyone knows if these are any good?

The only way to find out, then, would be to be able to place one from the pack in your computer to get the mid of who actually made it. If the shop does not accept returns/give exchanges or refunds, then I don’t know what to tell you. Without that “Made in (country)” on the side, all you’re left with is finding out the mid.

TDK media are slightly less expensive than Verbatim (Made in Taiwan). Is it worth buying them?

I would get a small pack of each and find out. Anyways, check the serial numbers on the Verbatim, if they have a - or + breaking up the number then they are Prodisc made MCC which are supposed to be great. If they don’t then they are CMC made. My understanding is that as a whole people have had better luck with the Prodisc produced MCC Verbs than the CMC Mag MCC produced Verbs.

Just checked my 100pk DVD+R 8x (MCC003) from, Jesterrace. Thanks for that info! I didn’t know that. Anyway, there is a + right in the middle of the serial number on the hub, so they must be Prodisc manuf. as you indicated. :bigsmile:

What serial number are you referring to. Where on the disc or are they. Or are you referring to Media code (MCC003) Where is this + or -.

The serial number etched into the clear plastic hub area of the discs.

There is also a serial number that you can hardly read on the purple outer circle that is right next to the plastic hub. The one you are speaking of is in the clear plastic hub. Right. I can heardly read it but it seems to start with PAHA…

The outer hub serial isn’t quite as useful; about the only time it was important was back when there were two versions of MCC003 on the market, the older being 8x-only while the newer were 12x compatible. The outer serials on the old ones always ended in X47A while the newer ones ended in X47B.

The Verbs I bought from Best Buy this weekend say they are 12x compatible with some hardware. They say this on the label. And they do burn at 12x on my Nec 3520.