TDK media is ritek...what happened?

TDK used to be high quality TY media now it’s Ritek or JS according to smart burn utility.


So TDK got a better bid from Ritek and now they can save a few $… Market decides…

If I’m right TDK also sells media made by CMC

Here in Germany, TDK has sold Ritek for more than 1 year. First media to be Ritek were “TDK Reflex Ultra 16x”, the blue box (the gray one is Taiyo Yuden).

But I’ve never seen TDK made by CMC… but CD-RW sometimes are Plasmon!

Latest 40x media is CMC Type 6. Earlier 40x media was Ritek. You can probably find the spindles intermixed at large distributors. I have noticed that the bottom of the 50 pack spindle (cakebox) is black when it is CMC and grey when it is Ritek.

Yep – my TDK cakebox is gray bottm and is Ritek media. Bought at CUSA about a week or so ago.

Whats wrong with Ritek? I just bought a 50 pack spindle of TDK Ritek and havent noticed any problems at all.

Ritek is not bad, but it’s nothing compared to original “TDK Reflex” or Taiyo Yuden.

what sort of problems is ritek known for? im almost half way through my 50pack tdk ritek spindle, should i get the same media when im out or should i look for something different?

i havent run into any problems yet tho.

At least here in Germany, you get very different types of ritek.

While tdk labeled ones usually are ok, intenso labeled ones seem to be as bad as cmc.

I was at Compusa recently and they had I think it was 100 spindle of TDK with made in Japan…I think these are TY…interesting the 50 pck spindle all were made in Taiwan

Originally posted by nealh
I was at Compusa recently and they had I think it was 100 spindle of TDK with made in Japan…I think these are TY…interesting the 50 pck spindle all were made in Taiwan

Do the “Made in Taiwan” automatically mean they are Ritek?

No, but made in taiwan means it’s NOT Taiyo Yuden.

Made in Taiwan is mot likely CMC magnetics or Ritek.

TDK used to make thier white label “Certified Plus” CD-R’s in a plant in Georgia. They had a dark blue dye simular to Verbatims. I guess it cost too much to make them here in the USA, or they couldn’t keep up the demand. so they let Ritek crank them out for a year.

I thought the USA made ones were excellent quality though I had one audio CD-R go bad. I dont know why, but my CD player had trouble reading it after 2 months.

The Riteks (Silver Top) I bought last year are only 16X but they have worked fine for music and data.

Now I am seeing shelves of TDK’s with both Ritek’s and TY’s. The TY made TDK’s 50 packs have a wrap-around plastic label and a screw on the top lid. (like Fuji and HP) with “Made in Japan” on the label. These are the ones to get.

If they have “Made in Taiwan” and have a paper label thats been shrinkwraped they ARE proably going to be Ritek or CMC’s - same with Memorex or any other company.

So for TDK use this simple guide - look at the label before buying them!
“Made in Japan” or “Made in The USA” = Excellent Quality
“Made in Taiwan” = ??? Quality

The 16X 100pack TDK’s that I bought an year ago are from Ritek… and they do have the “Made in Taiwan” label on them. Was hoping they were from TY…

TDK 40X Ritek type 7 are the only media so far I was able to burn at 48X consistently.
CMC stinks at high speeds.
TY worked fine at 32X (32X rated media) but it couldn’t do 40X w/o slowdowns…I figure 40X should work fine @40X, but haven’t heard people burning TY 40X @48X much.

I have TY 40x cdrs from cd dimensions and burn them at 48x…I do get an occasional “damaged sector” on Nero cd speed scandisc…

but using cd check the files are fine…and they work great


Does CD-Check just check to see if files are readable, if so, maybe thats why it says they are fine - damaged means C2 (C1?) errors in my book but for data a damaged sector is still recoverable due to crc checking.


Yes CD Check checks the files…but I am not convinced that Nero CD Speed scandisc is a good program for reading errors…I maybe wrong…but IMHO…if a cdr is read by the same drive with different results how accurate is that…one time no errors…another errors …then the errors move…give me a break…

I think the software needs to be updated or something…

I just got some TDK, 32x at Staples, they’re TY media.