TDK launches new CD/DVD label printer with improved design, functionality and more colours

I just posted the article TDK launches new CD/DVD label printer with improved design, functionality and more colours.

Are your recordable CDs and
DVDs filed in alphabetical order, in the correct boxes and labelled so you know
exactly what’s on them? The answer is probably no. Most of us have recordable

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yeah whoopee it prints a line of text in one colour, now my Epson 900 £99 prints full colour on CD/DVD.

I also have the Epson 900. The novelty of printing full-color labels has worn-off quickly. The TDK looks good to label a small area of a shiny-surface CDR/DVDR which does not require special inkjet printable media. I also find that discs I print with Epson 900 smudge easily - some media is better than others but I cannot be bothered anymore to experiment. Until they make a smudgeless media (ie. one can print on glossy photo paper and it doesn’t smudge, so why not on a disc???), I am no longer interested.

this is so basic even a dynio can do just as good a job any colour on transparent background what we want is full colour glossy print also last model the tape was jamming a lot and people say you only printed on 2 disc’s per tape

I have the Epson 900 also, and I think it’s great! IntestineMan, I really think it’s the media you are having trouble with. I’m using Taiyo Yuden blanks I picked up in Japan, and they print flawlessly every time. Never any trouble with smudging, they are dry to the touch 30 seconds after printing (I’ve never touched them sooner…) :slight_smile: If you can get some of them, maybe it’s worth trying again.