TDK launches fastest ever DVD writer

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  Two hours of home video recorded in the time it takes 
  to microwave popcorn 

  TDK today announced the availability of a 16x DVD writer 

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I like TDK products. Plus, I used to buy them because they bundled Nero with their CD burners rather than Roxio products. Not sure what they are bundling now.

Still Nero… At least in the US and Europe.

I wonder which drive this is a REBRAND of? (previously TDK have AFAIK only rebranded other makers drives). From the few details I would guess the NEC 3500. Makes a bit of a joke of their ‘fastest drive’ claim though (if I’m right). Unless they’ve improved the firmware (but I doubt they would be able to?).

Yep, this is a rebranded NEC 3500A. It is quite comical that “TDK has ensured” this and that, and developed this and that… When they actually don’t do ANY of the development.:S

Oh man. LOL At least one joke before i get tired. Anyway, they seem to provide firmwares quicker than NEC ever did, heh.

Whatever… As long as they bring out that good ol +R DL 4x media… notice how they didn’t mention the release of 16x media? plus, as a NEC rebrand they can’t do a disc in under 6 minutes, all NEC tests have proven to be longer than that. BAH! lies!:d

It won’t be official 4x DL media, it will be 2.4x DL media that you will be able to burn at 4x like the Pioneer and NEC burners. I have tested this and it works good :B. Having TDK supply more DL media will help get down the current prices though :slight_smile:
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Asus has also released such a drive but it has not been anounced yet in CD freaks. Asus made first the movement for 16x16 and 4x DL. So the fastest ever drive sould be Asus DRW-1604P because TDK was released then. It seems CD freaks has a bonus from TDK and does not refer to things objectively.

“It seems CD freaks has a bonus from TDK and does not refer to things objectively.” Hi georgedimgd, Rest assured, that those of us that “work” at CD Freaks do so because of our interest in optical drive technology. Nearly all of us have careers aside from this site, are fiercly proud of our independance and will never give it up to align ourselves with any particular organization. Any product we test, the donor has agreed (in writing) to let us review it objectively and let the chips fall where they may. It will always be that way with all of us or we would not be here any longer. We will never sell out our members for money. Even so, the manufacturers trust us because they know we are well qualified to test their products and have no axe to grind. The reason I stated earlier that I liked TDK is because I had purchased a unit and had good luck with it. If I bought it and it sucked I would have wrote that too! :slight_smile: But, it didn’t. “Asus has also released such a drive but it has not been anounced yet in CD freaks.” Drive reviewer Jan S. reported on the ASUS DRW-1604P 16X/16X burner on August 22. Is this the drive you are referring to? If not, simply provide us a link in our news submittal system and we will let everyone read about it. We appreciate you for your candor and for using our reaction system. It helps us all - members and staff alike to stay on top of things. Every CD Freak knows that “knowledge is power”. ~Crabby :slight_smile:

OK. But why you say fastest ever DVD writer. The specifications are the same and having not tested it you can’t say fast ever DVD writer. How do you know that? You said it hasn’t been announced by CD freaks. Why? If it has been announced the Asus one would be first the fastest ever DVD writer. If something is released today and something else is released in one month and I post the one released in one month first of course it won’t be the fastest DVD burner but the way you post it will convince people that it is the first, fastest ever released. Am I mistaken? If I am please let me know. Thank you.

Hi georgedimgd, If you take a look at the press release at TDK-Europe: you will notice the head line of the release is 'TDK LAUNCHES FASTEST EVER DVD WRITER" - the same used at And now back to your question/statement, in many cases we use the same head line found in a press release. If you no not want to read/see any of the press releases posted on then you can easily turn it off in the menu (cdfreaks -> preferences -> Select which types of news you wish to see on the frontpage). Jan70

OK. But why you say fastest ever DVD writer. Jan70 covered it all i think. It is an unmodified press release and as all other press releases it does not represent CDFreaks point of view, just the ones who made the release.

Hi georgedimgd, Thank you for the feedback, it gave me some insight as to others perception of these news stories. I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

OK. You covered me. But why haven’t you announced the Asus DRW-1604P?:g

@georgedimgd We annonced the Asus DRW-1640P - 22.August 2004. Remember you can use the search option located on the top/right on the frontpage. Jan70
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