TDK launches DVD-R DL media & announces DVD+R DL media

I just posted the article TDK launches DVD-R DL media & announces DVD+R DL media.

 TDK, a  well known company for high quality media as well as its DURABIS robust media, has announced their launch  of Dual Layer DVD-R as well as the high street availability of Double  Layer...
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let the battle begin :S honey!!! where’s my popcorn :d
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Hopefully the dual layer prices will come down! We’ll see…

DVD-R DL here we go. No more compatibility issues nor DVD-ROM bit setting… :X

No more compatibility problems? I don’t think so. Initial tests show that many drives have a hard time recognizing the full capacity of a DVD-R DL disc. Hopefully these TDK discs will use TDKs own MIDs. :slight_smile: