TDK launches 23.3 GB rewritable Blue-laser discs



I just posted the article TDK launches 23.3 GB rewritable Blue-laser discs.

    TDK has informed us that  they have launched their line of Blu-Ray discs. While the discs  currently are able to hold a stunning 23.3 GB they will probably not become ...
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Since Plextor just released their 708A Multi-DVD burner combo drive (and at a super yummy price of a jaw-dropping $375 CDN / $290 US) I can safely wait on these 23+gb drives. I mean its nice and all but since the latest 8x DVD burners are at such a low price and can burn 4.2-4.7gb in ~8-9mins then going the next step can wait. What floors me is how cheap the latest 8x DVD burners are? I thought they could easily charge $500+ CDN for them but how things have changed. How ironic that the latest DVD tech is cheaper than its predecessors - does that make sense? And yet the latest Video cards are 15-20% more expensive then their elders… Ughhh! Now if only Video cards could remain near constant without costing an extra $150-300 more every generation. :r


It’ll take 15 minutes to burn 8X dvd-r…


No that’s 4x recording. 8x recording takes only 8 minutes top.


Besides, 8x DVD-R is not possible even with the Plextor drive!! 8x DVD+R recording is possible at around 8 minutes as I have done this on my Plextor PX-708A :B