TDK Labeled DVD+R... Prodisc MID..?



i was really wondering if this blank dvd is good for back-up purposes… A TDK labeled blank disc… it turned out to be a PRODISC R04 in nero… :a … i expected it would be a TDKG05 or etc… but it wasn’t…

i dont have a Scanning drive thats why i cant post quality scans since i only have LG H10N… too bad for me…

anyway… need your hints or opinions bout this media… cherz :wink:


Prodisc I tend to use for everyday use, not for archiving. It’s OK for that IMO. :slight_smile:


The LG is a good burner though, so if the TRT is good, it should usually be a good burn. :slight_smile:

TDK’s 16x DVD+R MID is [B]TDK 003[/B]. And it’s not the best choice for archiving either, at least according to [B]Francksoy[/B].


You can still do a Transfer Rate Test with the LG. Don’t think we’ve seen Prodisc TDK’s here before.


Yeah, it’s the first time I’ve seen a post about it on here. Of course I probably don’t look in the right places :wink:


Here’s a look at a TDK003 disc stability

Prodisc R04 should still be good though :iagree:




IIRC, the last “TDK G0x”-style MID for TDK’s DVD media was TDKG02 for 2x DVD-R media ([B]G[/B] as in DVD-R for [B]G[/B]eneral Usage).

TDK’s 4x DVD-R was TTG01, TDK’s 8x DVD-R were TTG02 and TTH01, their 16x DVD-R is TTH02.
TDK’s 4x DVD+R was TDK 001, and 8x DVD+R TDK 002 though.


Well I can tell you right now that the TDK003 are absolute rubbish disks. They usually scan quite mediocre with high jitter and all of them have playback problems.

Francksoy says they also degrade, which I would believe since they are such poor media to begin with.

If anything, you are extremely lucky to have gotten prodisc instead of crappy TDK003! :slight_smile:


Also instead of CMC MAG M01 :wink:


I mostly agree with you. However, I wouldn’t go quite that far as to state “and all of them have playback problems”.

Too much of an absolute blanket statement. I’m not a TDK fan by any means, but occassionally I’ll try something new out of curiosity myself despite the often negative feedback.

I recently bought a pack of those ‘Snap "N Save’ sets which have 3 coloured cases containing 10 discs in each case. +R variant (TDK 003). I haven’t burned a lot of them yet, but so far I’ve noticed huge variation between cases.

Started out with the purple discs and the first few burned and scanned quite well in myLiteOn 18x and I thought I was on a winner. :disagree:

I haven’t noticed any playback issues on several standalones I have (yet) of the discs that burned and scanned well.

The next ones I tried out of the blue case however were as different as chalk and cheese and definately “rubbish disks”.

I haven’t started on the green discs yet but it’s beginning to look like a “lucky dip” as to what you get with TDK 003. :eek:

I wouldn’t buy them again because of the obvious QC problems and variation between discs. Another CMC MAG M01 where firmware can’t work with a moving target jumping all over the place .




so this blank media is good only for temporary back-up…? Verbatim and TY medias are really very scarce in our country… that’s i opted for TDK… and this is what i get… A Prodisc R04…


If stored correctly, you shouldn’t have much of a problem. I haven’t heard of any degrading with prodisc.


I have heard of degrading Prodisc, but there have been few reports. Definately as with all DVD’s store them correctly though and you should be good.


Don’t forget to check their readability frequently!


ok… thnx for the hints… Prodisc isn’t bad after all…
Rated as 2nd Class Media

i’m not quite sure bout this FAQ…


is it true that any medias stored in horizontal position (lying in flat surface) can cause degrading… Should store it in horizontal position with an casing…?


Store the media vertically to prevent warping. :slight_smile:

The FAQ is outdated and inaccurate. It is only about burn success rates (compatibility), not about stability or initial burn quality.


That site is innaccurate - it rates media on coasters mostly, which is irrelevant IMO :slight_smile:


^^ Agreed.

I saw some deterioration in some of my Prodisc F02s, which is why I’m wary of using them for anything other than everyday use.

Their CDR media is fine, though.