TDK introduces 8x dual format DVD writer

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TDK USA has updated its website with the specifications of the TDK indiDVD 840G DVD±R/RW writer. The indiDVD 840G writes DVD+R in 8x, DVD+RW in 4x, DVD-R in 4x and DVD-RW in 2x as…

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Another Plextor PX-708 ? Looks like Sanyos chipset rulz :slight_smile:

When are they going to produce a 8x DVD-R writer? Thats what the majority of folk are using I reckon.

8x with a 2Mb buffer, the anti underrun protection will be used every 10 seconds ! :r

Of course not. If you have stable computer 2MB is more than enough to keep up with 8x recording. I agree with you that 2MB isn’t much but the drive’s buffer underrun technique won’t kick in if you have decent computer. On the other hand, when you have an unstable computer a large buffer won’t prevent buffer underruns either.

Agreed. I have a 52x Liteon and the buffer underrun prevention doesn’t kick in once during a burn. It’s also a 2MB buffer. Your Computer makes all the difference.

Agreed. I actually have this drive along with a pretty fast computer (3 GHz HT P4/800FSB, 1GB RAM, etc.) and even with heavy multitasking I have seen it his burn-proof only once. (which of course saved the disc.) It added maybe 3 seconds of burn time. In all other scenarios, I have yet to see burn-proof be activated… and that’s while burning 8X DVDs and still multitasking.

With a drive like this, it would seem that they are trying to support both formats, but I think they really are just supporting DVD+. It has 2x as fast R support, and 2x as fast RW support. So, who would use DVD-R and DVD-RW and waste twice the time with those discs? Just get some +R and +RWs, and burn twice as much! Not very fair to DVD-R/W. Then again, they havent approved an 8x format yet, which should come with a 4x -RW…

The 2MB buffer has never been an issue on my Plextor PX-708A at 8x DVD+R recording :X

It said 4X for -R, 2X for -RW.

There’s rumors of a firmware update to DVD-R capabilities to allow 8X DVD-R recording. But I doubt it… not because the drive isn’t technically able to - it probably is - but the DVD-R discs will probably have to be 8X designed, and the finalized spec is still a ways off. DVD+RW for me was always better that DVD-RW for burns because it has been significantly faster. It defaulted to 2.4x, then jumped to 4x, when DVD-RW is stuck at 2X. I DO burn DVD-Rs for extreme compatability with a wide range of players. In those cases, when discs will be going out to a wider audience, I don’t mind burning at 4X to get a solid burn. All in all, this is a great drive. DVD-R has its place for legacy DVD players, but you’re right… the +R/RW format is -definitely- gaining ground.