TDK has developed a new tough coating for optical discs

I just posted the article TDK has developed a new tough coating for optical discs.

Well it’s
about time! This sounds like a great breakthrough for all of us that love to use
optical discs for storage and prefer to watch DVD rather than tape.
In one of the most…

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That’s almost two years for them to take their DVD anti-scratch technology to CDs :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone remember this article: :X Pity other manufactuers haven’t tried making their own seriously scratch-proof alternatives.

Seán sez: “Anyone remember this article:” Well, I guess I forgot! LOL :stuck_out_tongue: :+ JW scooped me by a couple years on that one.

Nice! I would definitely like to get ahold of some discs with this new version of armor plated coating. :slight_smile:

How much will this coating add to the cost of the disc though?

Going by Maplin electronics in the UK, the DVD versions are about a 1/3 more expensive than TDK’s standard DVD media. :slight_smile: Then again, if the media lasts a lifetime, the media will pay for itself fairly quickly, particularly for rewritable versions. I’ve lost quite a number of rewritable discs by scratches alone.

hasn’t verbatim already done this ???..:X


Sheeet! That 5pk works out at £1.80 a disc, and that’s for a -R disc, -RW Rewrites are £2.40 a disc :o A bit expensive! Mind you, are selling the -R discs for £4.69 EACH!!! sell the 4x -R for £1.09 each and the -RW are only 2x for £1.39 each, still a tad expensive.

One hitch, it’s called 'Designed Obsolesce"! A limited life = more sales for replacements!

This sounds like an amazing development from TDK. I’d love to see a demo.

Tough Die Kings?

This isn’t new though. I reported on this ages ago. If these are the TDK Armor plated discs then this is old news Danny boy! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a new version of the “armor plating” technology. Read the article!
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Yeah seemed I jumped to conclusions! :+