TDK exits CD and DVD media market



I just posted the article TDK exits CD and DVD media market.

D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us that TDK has decided to exit the manufacturing of both CD and DVD media products as part of its on going restructuring process. A board…

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Good riddance to the Luxembourg plant. 16x TDK003 and TTH02 they were cranking out were some of the worst 16x media I’ve seen. Many thousands of PIF errors in all burners, at all speeds. BeAll quality at TDK prices? That ride wasn’t going to last. TDK003 and TTH02 manufactured by CMC in Taiwan are light years ahead in quality. I hope they continue selling them.


TDK produced some really good media, the media ive been using has been excellent


I’ve bough a TDK with CMC media code damn hell :frowning:


Good TDK is dropping out, there media was ok. But I feel there are to many pushing out DVD. I don’t care about the price that much, I want quality. Only good thing is that prices over all have come down due to heavy competition. And quality is good on most media today.


Still remember the best magnetic tapes, like TDK SA-XS ChromeII… And the first CDs, 8X, 16X, that beautifull blue, waiting to be burned... But DVDs they real sucks:+ TY & some CMC stuff rulez:S


yeah man those tdk 4x REFLEX CD-R’s were the greatest colour!! There were blues, red’s (PINK) and later on Silver :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah… you tell me about these ol’ sweet TDK Tapes… infact, i still have some “blank” tapes at home :slight_smile: the recorded ones are still nearing perfection, though i don’t have a tape recorder/player :(… and the same goes for the old Cyanine fellows :wink: low C1 errors and a clean C2 scan :slight_smile:


Still using TDK 8x DVD-Rs - awesome media! Too bad TDK giving up this segment… well… maybe I can save some money on the leftover stocks :slight_smile: