TDK DVR+R 1-8x

ITEM CODE: DVR+R47CBEC10 (Origin: Grand Duchy Of Luxembourg)
Media code/Manufacturer ID: MBIPG101R04

My first and probably last attempt to buy TDK media. How good (or shall I ask bad) are these media?

moser baer…i thought these are supposed to be made in India…
I would expect a good burn from these discs though, mbi tend to be decent quality discs.

They’re really OK. Take a look. Burned about a month ago.
(Yeah, I know that it’s not a full disc, but still…)

TDK is supposed to have a factory in Luxembourg. On the DVD+R box the only address is the one in Luxembourg. How come the discs are manufactured in India, labeled as TDK, but are really Moser Baer? I though TDK had their own media codes.

I’d take MBI over CMC MAG any day of the week. :slight_smile:

As for Made in India … I don’t think there are many other MID’s coming out of India - ie. MBI is all that I’m aware of.

MBI (at least from the burns I’ve seen) tends to be very close to the burns like the one above: very low PIE (<25,000) and low PIF (<250), not unlike Fuji TY media.

Getting genuine TDK from Luxembourg is a little more difficult. Some people have said that CompUSA carries them, but that they are expensive when not on sale (and will have “Made in Luxembourg” on the back). However, do the MBI mid TDKs say “Made in India” on the back of them?

@ krycy It’s common for DVD blank makers to still carry their brand-name label (like TDK, Maxell), yet have someone else make them and therefore you can only be sure what you’re getting by popping one in your computer and getting the mid. Pretty much the brand name label on the outside means nothing these days. :frowning:

Confirmed. MBI are the only major OEM for blank media right now.

When someone buys a name brand usually expects to get what he has paid for. Not paying for TDK and getting Moser Baer! On the shop I bought these media from there are many different TDK media in different packaging . None of them has a “made in” label on it.

Well, it should say where it is made at; look close to the UPC bar code and it should say “Made In…”

Regarding you expecting to get genuine TDK in a TDK spindle, I FULLY agree. :iagree: TDK and other manufacturers are inherent LIARS when they brand their media with their brand name, but then the CONSUMER (you and I) have to take it home now and pop it in our computer to find out the mid and who REALLY makes it. The problem is it seems most (if not all) companies outsource to other producers b/c of ‘lower cost,’ which sometimes translates to ‘lower quality.’ It is NOT right and you have every right to be upset. However, the problem is that you’ll have a hard time getting a company to care about it these days, so the only way around it is to find out what’s good media and buy it.

In my experience, these are good: :bigsmile: Fuji 8x DVD+R/-R 50pk from Best Buy that say “Made in JAPAN” (abbreviated MIJ in this forum) on them. Those will come up yuden000t02-00 (+R; the -R will come up TYG02) and are usually great media. :bigsmile: Another that is a different brand, but same mid as that is Sony DVD+R 8x 50 pk spindle from Circuit City (but it MUST say “Made in Japan” on the side, or it will not be the same yuden000t02 mid) or elsewhere.

Luxembourg TDK’s small media production is usually first development items-Now only 16x media are available-The address found on every package is as a mention of “availibility through” TDK company ,which in Europe HQ is in Luxemburg. Products maybe different of original factory (except agreement for using TDK’s quality control and available with TDK MID -Most of these media made in Taiwan by CMC)

Now you know why some people pay just a little bit more to buy unbranded media straight from the manufacturer. :wink:

if Buy unbranded media via manufacturer ,first you get the risk buying B’grade media .
At second warranty of return back,bad batch of unbrand media ,rare valid,except someone dealer provide it for some own reason.
In opposite of above,you earn sometimes better price in combination of quality.

I think to avoid risk,just try buying media from sources mentioned media codes and pick up packages labeled “Made in” somewhere.
-TDK’s MIT and MIJ are usually write “made in” somewhere in package in serious markets.

Well back to the original question then. How good (or bad) is MBIPG101R04? Should someone trust these media to backup data or are they going to start failing in a few months?

MBIPG101R04 go for it if it is on sale, very decent media, has no problems recommending them

MBI DVD+R is quite good media. Their DVD-R media however is not as good. The only question of the MBI discs is how they will stack up in the data retention/longevity stakes. In a year I guess we will see.

Yes, I’ve had the MBI DVD+R recommended to me, but NOT the DVD-R. I’ve not heard of MBI made disks having problems with longevity, just the Ritek G05 line…

Quite a problem we have in Europe, on none of the spindles of media I have bought there has been a sign of country of origin, so if I stand in a store with piles of media I have no chance knowing where it is from. Only exception to this that I have seen is Fujifilm media that clearly states Made in …

If you mean TDK media ,you are right in a half of your mind. (many other spindles of other brand mentioned “made in…”)-In TDK case, if you want something for sure,just bought them from a good eshop mentioned MID code.

for example :

Take a note:
It looks like this period, good quality 8x media discontinued, due 16x media mass production for Christmas time high availibilty.