Tdk Dvdrw0404n



Hey all.
I have a TDK DVDRW0404N. And lately it has been messing up pretty bad. I get alot of rings or gaps when i burn and it has been getting errors. Please help. It was working fine, I switched the firmware to 1.0c from 1.0 and then it still worked fine, a while later it started getting rings and errors while burning. I need some serious help asap :confused:
Thanks alot in advance!





What are the specific errors that you are getting?
Is it producing unreadable discs?


Yes unreadable, and with “gaps” or small rings on the under(data) side of the discs. PLEASE HELP ME! Im online most of the time and i will reply quickly.

thanks a bunch!



What discs are you using? MID ?


I am using TDK 8X dvd+R. By MID do you mean media id? I think it could possibly be a firmware issue. But has anyone heard of this? It started a WHILE after updating the firmware from 1.0 to 1.0c . If anyone could help me out it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

thanks alot!









I just took a look over at VideoHelp, and there’s no “0404N” listed but there is a “440N”… And it sounds like the drive might just be getting old. Sounds like you’re using good media, so that’s not the problem… I’d just save up the $40 or $50 or whatever new drives cost these days and pick up a nice, new, faster drive. This one sounds like a dead end.