Tdk dvdrw won't read

hi i have a problem with a tdk 16dvdrw it was working fine until a couple of days ago when it stopped reading the dvd’s i’d burned , the burnt dvd’s will play fine on my dvd player with my tv but not in the tdk drive , windows xp says it cant read disk in the drive , the strange thing is that it will play data disks i recorded weeks ago and dvd movies i recorded before , i have tried three makes of blank dvd and sonic and nero but although it burns them fine it won’t read them , i all so ran a cd cleaner on the drive , thanks

well thanks guys a great forum you have here , not


Check the stickies or even the m$ support sites, that issues are featured there!

Man … you’re lucky you even got someone to reply here considering the tone of your comment. Be careful though, the mods here won’t tolerate much and keep these forums neutral and clean.

You should take the time to find out who makes this drive - ie. is it a rebadge of another manufacturer’s drive, etc. Once you know that, it may be easier to isolate and target your questions to the right people. There are PLENTY of helpful people here. Just be patient and put some due diligence into researching through all the info in this forum.

What is your drive identified as in Windows or other programs? has a list of TDK burners ( link here ). Figure out which is yours, and you’ll see who manufactures the drive. Looks like TDK rebadge LiteOn, NEC, and Plextor drives.

Once you isolate the actual drive manufacturer, you can post in those related forums here. You’ll get a better targeted audience with more specific experience with your burner and possibly the problems you’re having.

Also, remember the “SEARCH” function is your friend. If you put a little work into it, people will be more than happy to help you out. Good luck.

To add to ninbang’s post, reading and following the posting guidelines (at the top of the forum) would’ve been nice. Nobody will help you if you don’t help us help you.

got my problem sorted out in another forum in ten minutes , thanks for nothing guys