TDK DVDRW 1612DLB - "illegal disc" error message



hi, I just got my TDK DVDRW1612DLB (OEM SOHW-1653S) with firmware: C7S3. I tried to burn with 4x DVD-R (MID Code:VDSPMSAB 01), but failed and showed the “illegal disc” error message. I have Lite-On SOHW-1653S (f/w:CS0G) as well, and it burns perfectly, without showing any error message. What is the problem? Can anyone tell?:bow: Thanks.


I am having the same problem using nero whether I burn TS video files or files that have been shrunk with DVD shrink. I have been successfully burning these files and suddenly no matter what I do I get the message ‘illegal disk’ after 5% of burning. I have tried 4 different types of media without success. I am getting extremely frustrated at the amout of coasters I am producing please please can somebody help