Tdk Dvd-rw

I got a 10-pack of TDK 4x DVD-RW as a gift. It’s my understanding TDK are usually pretty good. The MID is TDK601saku. Are these good?

Sadly, this is not really true anymore, there have been many reports of questionable quality with TDK since last year, at least for SL/write-once DVD media. I was myself a long-term TDK media user before I was bitten by very disappointing discs, mainly TTH02 (very qestionable burns, poor standalone compatibility) and TDK003 (outstanding burns but… fast degradation). Such things started happening soon after TDK decided to stop in-house production of DVDR media.

The MID is TDK601saku. Are these good?
They should be OK, but as you have them anyway, why not burn a couple and come up with some PIE/PIF scans (if you have a drive supporting it?) :slight_smile: - we don’t have a crystal ball :wink:

What burner are you going to use with these BTW?

Yeah I’ll definitely be burning a couple tests especially since they’re RW so I’ll be posting some scans here shortly. I’ve got some other burning on the agenda right now though so I was just wondering about a general consensus so as to know whether or not to expect really funky results. :stuck_out_tongue:

My only two DVD writers are listed in my sig (I’ll hopefully soon be adding a third!), so I’ll be burning at least one on each. I’ll have the scans up sometime over the next few days if anyone’s curious about this particular MID.


Wow. I totally forgot to get these up. Time sure flies when you start a new job.

Anyway, here’s one burned with my Pio, and one burned with my BenQ will follow shortly.

Significantly better:

These are both burned on new unused discs, by the way.

i don’t trust any TDK write-once discs personally. However i do use quite a few of the 4x -RW TDK601saku discs on my Panasonic DVD recorder and they seem very reliable indeed.