TDK DVD+RW Problem

Ok, since I bought LiteOn DVD recorder I’ve been using TDK DVD+RW that I bought In the pack of 5 at Kroger store and they always worked fine, but last week I didnt have time to the regular store to pick up the 5 pack so I stoped at another store called Wallgreens and got a three pack there, I recorded some stuff on it but when I put the DVD into my PCs DVD drive it won’t read it, it makes my computer freeze up and when I tryed using DVD Decrypter it gave me this error
UDF File System Parsing Failed!

Device: [1:0:0] SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-816B H000 (D ATA)

Reason: Function ‘UDFFindPartition’ returned 0

anyone knows whats up? and the old DVD that I had in 5 packs still work just fine. :a :sad:

Most likely you just got a bad batch of disks. You can get dvd identifier and check to make sure they are in fact “the same disk” rather than just the same name but “MY” experience is that RW media is VERY finicky even with name brands. I haven’t gotten any of them to work more than about 10 burns.

Google isobuster for a free download and it will recover the files on your failed disk about 50% of the time.- – hope your luck is better than mine. ////bobbo