Which companies are the providers of TDK??

I used to buy TDK because they were TTG02, but now the latest 25 DVD-R pack i bought is made by Ritek (G05) :frowning:

Good grief, Ritek?! I’d only heard of TDK 8x DVD-R being TTG02 (made in Taiwan by CMC), TTH01 (made in Luxembourg by TDK and possibly France by MAM-E), or TYG02 (made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden). In theory you may be able to tell TTG02 from RitekG05 by the cakebox design.

Both packs were exactly the same… and made in luxemburg.

Taiyo Yuden is sure going to be corning the quality media market at this rate. :doh:

I don’t know how much this varies by region (I purchased these at Costco in Northern California)

DVD-R 4X [25 pack spindle]= TTG02 (These are clearly 8X but engraved as 4X on the disc)
DVD+R 8X [50 pack spindle]= CMC MAG E01

Hope this helps.

you can also find +R 8x made by MBI (MBIPG101-R04-001)

Ritek doesn’t make any discs in Luxembourg. I thought the packaging for TDK discs in Europe these days didn’t mention where the discs were made, only the location of TDK’s branch in Europe (which happens to be in Luxembourg).

That was exactly my point from the begining.
All TDK packaging in Europe is the same, so you can’t really tell where they’re made and if their quality is good.

Bad news. TTG02 is very good and I’m often advising people who can’t easily find premium media to buy these TDK as they’re everywhere.

Maxell, Verbatim, now TDK. All going the G05 route. :frowning:

Only the very optimistic can hope that these brands will apply severe quality control to the discs Ritek will supply them with. :rolleyes:

Verbatim, at least, uses G05 only for the “pearl white” discs as yet, so it’s easy to tell them apart from other Verbs. Bad move, TDK. :frowning: