TDK DVD-R47EA now made in Taiwan?

G’day all,

I just got back from a trip to Dick Smith Electronics in Perth. I noticed that some of the TDK DVD-R47EA 2x discs they had in stock were Made in Taiwan. I wonder who makes them now… :confused:

So to everyone who’s interested, stock up on Japan-made TDK 2x DVD-R discs while they’re still around!!!

I noted a few weeks ago that here in Thailand all the TDK 4x DVD-R disks were now labelled “Made in Taiwan”, and the TY “Made in Japan” ones were all gone.

Maybe these changes dribble down south slowly, so we get them a few weeks before they reach Oz. In any case, if you like the TY-made TDK 4x DVD-R disks, it might be worthwhile stocking up on those before the Taiwan-made ones get to you.