Tdk Dvd-r Ttg02

I have bought a 10 pack of TDK DVD-R media code ttg02 and i wonder if they are good? I hope they are not as bad as low quality media like memorex etc…


In my experience with TDK-branded inket printable TTG02, they are very variable in quality.

For example, my friend has a spindle that is near perfect, the stuff scans nearly as well as Taiyo Yuden. My spindle, on the other hand can be anywhere from very good to horrible, depending on the disc in the spindle. It is not rare for PIE to go up 10X and PIF go up 5X from one disc to the next, in the same spindle! I have even had discs with enormous, unreadable PIF mountains.

My advice to you is the scan every disc you burn, if you have a scanning drive, and if not run a transfer rate test in Nero CD Speed.

FYI: this is based only on my limited experience with CMC-manufactured TTG02!

ttg02 can be a good mid and at least was in the past, but since CMC makes it now (they have an agreement with TDK to make them, from what I’ve read), I’m not sure what quality levels you can expect. For example, some CMC-MAG E01-00s burn wonderfully well for some people, and not so great for others.

What RangeRoad suggested is an excellent idea: do a quality scan on each disk, so you know how good the burn was, so you’ll know if it burns well or not in your burner.

The only other place TTG02 is made is Japan, and those discs to my knowledge aren’t sold outside the Asian market, so I’m not sure what you meant when you said “since CMC makes it now.” CMC has pretty much made it for the other markets since the discs came out…

Thx for all the answers. How do i scan them?

Im bumping this one…

Download the latest Nero CDspeed program (currently V4.01). Click on the
“disk quality” tab and then click start. The CDspeed program is stand-alone, you don’t even need nero installed. It’s too easy.

It said that my drive is not supported. It’s a NEC 2500A with the DL firmware hack. I believe the version number is 1.7 or 1.07