TDK DVD-R Test Results

Hi All.

Firstly, all the details and technical hoo-haas:

Burner: TDK-DVD1616N [Rebadged NEC-3500A]
Firmware Used: Stock Firmware V2.C8

Tester: TDK-CDRW523252BC Fi [Rebadged Liteon SOHC-5232K]
Firmware Used: Stock Firmware N7E1

Reason I have to use different drives to test is because the burner does not report PO/PI errors. Some have told me that that it might be possible with an update of firmware but I dunno. If you all can advise me in this matter, please do so. I understand by using a different drive to burn and test, the results might not be accurate. But oh well, it gives me an idea Anyway.

Media Info:

0000 : 01 40 80 12 23 00 52 00 02 85 0d 0c 87 89 90 00 .@…#.R…
0010 : 03 54 54 47 30 32 00 00 04 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 .TTG02…
0020 : 05 ba a3 22 32 20 02 00 06 09 0a 15 98 89 90 00 …"2 …

I burnt the DVD at 4x using Discjuggler and did a verify with discjuggler itself. That turned out ok. After that, i transferred the dvd to the tester drive and did a PO/PI scan using CD/DVD speed. Here are the results.

General Information
Drive: TDK CDRW523252BC
Firmware: N7E1
Disc: DVD-R
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 255
Average: 7.30
Total: 69507
PI failures
Maximum: 79
Average: 1.43
Total: 58005
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 81667
Average scanning interval: 1.26 ECC
Glitches removed: 9

So question is, are these scans all right? Or Do they suck? Can I continue to use these media type to burn my DVDs? I used some sony dvd’s before and i had a worse results and these seem perfectly fine to me. Traditional testing (Copying the whole thing and pasting to HDD) works fine.

All comments are welcomed. Hope you experts out there can point me in the correct direction. Please let me know if I should post any more info regarding the test.

You shold use K-Probe to graph the quality test, however, a max of 79 on the PI Failures is NOT a good scan. Could also be the drive itself acting funny. Let’s see a Nero CD/DVD Speed scan on the NEC drive, and/or a K-Probe graph on the Litey drive.

Also, as I understand it, there is a certain way you’re supposed to use the actual TEST forum to post results to make it more serchable. If I’m not mistaken, you should have started this thread in the plain, “Media,” forum that is the parent of this sub-forum.


Ok. Here Goes:

The Kprobe test on the litey and the speed test on the NEC drive is both given below. Check it out!

And personally, i think its cool that CD Freaks allows use to attach images. Thanks to whoever who is responsible for that.

You can use the small floppy icon to save you results in .png file.

The KProbe scan is that of a CD-R not DVD-R.