Does anyone know how or if you can tell if a TDK package contains CMC or RICOH discs. I have been using TDK exclusively since I thought they were all RICOH’s. The other day I went through a package of 10 TDK’s and 5 of them were coasters. I ran a check on them and they shown to be CMC’s. They were the same package as the others, 4x +R with the dog on the cover. I checked on Kprobe and the PI errors were in the 1200 range for the CMC.

Get Maxell instead, they’re always Ricoh.

Last month I went through a package of maxells that were CMC’s. I think the cover was purple.

How does the ritek on meritline compare to the ricoh?

Oh, and my mistake that was memorex not maxell that was CMC.

I think only Memorex DVD-Rs are CMC, DVD+Rs are RICOH.

Not a corrrect statement. You can get most anything in Memorex packaging.


Wl Mrt has 15 pack spindles of Maxell 4X DVD+R’s widely available currently at an “ok” price (for local retail and easy to find) of $18.50.

That comes out to much less-per disc than they charge for the other sized packs of Maxell DVD+R media.

Thanks for all the help. I think I’ll just try the Ritek Ridata from meritline instead of throwing the dice each time I buy a package.