TDK DVD+R/-R Sale @ RadioShack, value?

RadioShack has 50 packs of TDK 16x DVD+R/-R on sale for $10.99, are they worth it?

And does anyone know what they really are?

CMC MAG. AM3, CMC MAG.M01, Prodisc R04, RITEK…R05, TDK…003, YUDEN000T03, and TTH02…
are all possibilities. If they say Made in Japan, they should be TY, well worth the price.
None of the rest are particularly good, but some burners are OK with CMC.

There is no MIJ TDK in the states anymore.

Well, maybe the RadioShack over here, has some MIJ left over, I don’t know how they stay in business here, I hardly ever seen any cars outside, and I drive by there everyday.

I did buy some MIJ Sony’s, but they turned out to be the normal Sony’s, not TY.

But RadioShack was nice enough to take them back, even after I opened them.

o you went to every single store, market swap meet, etc in the country (including hawaii and alaska)?

Sometimes its the easiest place to find small electronic components. They don’t have to sell that many when there is a 500-1000% markup. Still, its cheaper than paying shipping on a single part (and for me, its cheaper than paying for gas to run to frys if it is just a small part like a resistor or pot or something).

For future reference, from what I have read those MIJ Sonys are not too bad.

Yes, they are good, but rare. Sony has switched mostly between TY (MIJ) and Daxon (MIT), but if you can find actual Sony manufactured MIJ, keep them.

yep, sometimes you just need something bad. Wal-Mart is starting to carry more connectors and stuff.

What did you say? These are made by sony and probably work well. Please can I have a refund? lol

They probably would have worked well. MIJ sony is quite rare and not too bad I have heard. Should have kept them :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw MIJ spindle once, at CompUSA, fat and weird looking spindle, and it was 8X speed though. I really want to try the ones made in luxemburg

You’re thinking of TDK. Sony MIJ spindles look exactly the same, the only difference is that they have a white round foam spacer (as opposed to the octagonal spacer for TYs). A grey spacer means MIT.

I do have mixed feeling about TDK DVD+/-R they are inconsistence to be always to have acceptable performance.

I am not talking about the spacer, I am talking about the shape of the spindle, it is fat bottom, very fat, chubby if you will, looking spindle. But of course, if I ever buy CMC media again, it has to be Staples, Office Depot Brand because when they have a sale on those, they are relatively cheap, speaking of around $6 per spindle of 50. I would not spend over $10 per spindle of 50 for CMC, that means, I will never buy HP and TDK spindle over $10

My point was that when you said LUXEMBOURG, I thought you had to be talking about TDK, not Sony. TDK is the company with their HQ and a plant there. And Sony spindles have NEVER had fat bottoms. If there is a Sony plant in Luxembourg, that media is exclusively for Europe.

Office Depot brand media is mostly Ritek (-R) and Ricoh (+R), not CMC.

I wouldn’t spend over $10 a spindle on ANY media other than TY and MCC.

Circuit City often has pretty good sale on TDK DVD with more or less same price.

OK, lemme repeat myself: I found a spindle of MIJ TDK at compUSA a while back. The look of the spindle is a bit peculiar, it is fatter than most TDK spindle that are MIT. So finding MIJ TDK spindles are impossible. The newer and first batch of TDK 16X were usually made in Luxemburg, I regreted because I never bought any and now no more luxemburg, no more MIJ TDK, only MIT and sometimes MII. I never say anything about Sony since this topic is about TDK. So when I talk about MIJ spindle, I also refer to TDK and when I talked about Luxemburg, I am also referring to TDK

eh I got in on the deal. now I have buyer’s remorse. -R was CMC MAG AM3 MIT. If it burns any worse I’ll have 50 coasters to use for parties. +R was TDK03 MII. better burn quality, we’ll see how long it lasts.

What burners are you using?? mind posting any scans, just for curiosity, I wont jump on the deal though

j and r ( has TDK 50 -R/+R disc spindles in store for $11.99 I just