TDK DVD-R(ProdiscS05) - MIT - How good?

Hi Folks,

Scanned with SONY DRU-720A
Data written using LG H42N

Data Disc - written in UDF format, single session using LG H42N

Please see the scan result and tell me how good it is


  1. Should i use create disc option in Nero CD/DVD speed or quality scan any written DVD. I used the second option for this scan.
  2. Is this a good scan drive to rely upon the result


Don’t know if it’s a good scan drive but in general, nothing is actually good enough to determine whether a burn will work or not. That’s up to the drive you will be using the burnt disc in.

Looks like there are PIF blocks, which aren’t good to have. I wonder if there was dust on the disc before burning? Look at the burnt side of the disc under a very strong light and you might see tiny unburnt spots on the disc where the dust got in the way of the laser.

DRU-720A is the same thing as a LiteOn SOHW-1673S, and the forum standard is 4x for those drives. However, I’d say it doesn’t make much difference.

Some of my ProdiscF02 has PIF clumps like that with no dust on the bottom of the disc. Some other F02, under a different brand, has no clumping, so I suppose it all depends on the batch you get whether or not your Prodisc media has PIF clumps.

I don’t know about TDK though but i used a Goldfinch Disc with the same (ProdiscS05) id & it is slow in verifying i.e only 1.1x using my new drive Matshita. Even compatible speeds are 2x & 8x, Where is 4x?? Lol this is a big issue.
I will check using other disc & confirm.