TDK DVD-R (Made in Taiwan) - Help Needed

Hi Folks,

I bought a pack of TDK DVD-R 16X ( Made in Taiwan)

I scanned using DVDInfoPro and the Media ID : ProdiscS05

Item Code: DVD-R47CB50AD

I request you to tell me if these are quality media

Firstly, what burner are you going to use to burn this media, and have you updated it’s firmware at all? :slight_smile:

They should be fine for everyday use media, as Prodisc usually are, but if you want to burn important backups, buy either Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, and remember to burn two copies of each backup on different media. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks mate,

I use LG H42N (firmware RL01)

The problem is that, In India, there is no availability of TY or Verbatim and all DVD’s in market are Made in India (mostly by MoserBaer)
This is the one DVD that i found Made in Taiwan

Just want to know, if its a quality media and not a fake

Prodisc should be okay under larger brands.
ProdiscS05 apparently uses Mitsubishi’s AZO dye technology.

So, is it better than the Sony, HP and Moser Baer medias which are Made in India.

Any other views pls

I’ve never used it, but it should be ok to use. They do use Verbatim’s AZO dye, so longevity should be ok (in theory lol).

I’d trust the prodisc over MII media.

Thanks for your suggestion…Much appreciated
I would buy a spindle of these DVDs

Any other suggestions on this, please do write