TDK DVD-R made in japan (taiyo?)

i was doing some cdr shopping yesterday and found these TDK DVD-R discs for $5.74 each (australian currency). they were less than half the price of crappy imation and they were also made in japan. does this mean they are taiyo yuden and of good quality??

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They’re made by TDK themselves in Japan.


Oh yeah, they’re of OUTSTANDING quality!

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how is the quality of the TDK Japan cause i always use them 3.5$ for the 2X DVD-R ???

are they good like Tayio Yuden and Mitsubishi ?

Yes, the TDK’s made by TDK are of very high quality, similar to Mitsubishi, RiTEK, Pioneer, and Taiyo Yuden.

Have a look at some customer reviews here:

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The TDK spindles (of 20 DVD+Rs) and packs (5-pack of DVD+R) that I’ve bought at Target say “made in Taiwan” in nearly microscopic letters. These are the “4x” speed with the picture of the doggie on the front.

However even though they aren’t Japanese they are still giving me excellent results.

spindle of 20 at US$44.99 at Target (plus tax in my state made it $47.23), price each = US$2.36