TDK DVD+R DL quality

I’ve recently bought three TDK DVD+R DL disks. They are labeled CMC MAGD02 media.
I burned an image at 6x with this result:

After this jawdropping experience, I tried burning at 2.4x:

Much better, but that layer changing zone is still problematic.
I then started a discussion with my CD/DVD provider about this media he sold to me and he insisted that the burning process is responsible of this performance. But I’m pretty sure my system works fine and the burning process was ok. I used ImgBurn with a Lite-On LH-20A1S SATA burner (fw 9L09).
So… Is it the media, the burner, the computer or any combination of those three? :confused:

Mostly the media. We generally recommend Verbatim +R DL if you want to burn double layer dvd disks.

ImgBurn is a good choice for burning them.

Thanks… so I’m right about the media…
I always use Verbatim (coded something like MCC03, can’t remember exactly) but this time my provider sent those TDKs.

Verbatim DL +R comes in two varieties… the 2.4x-6x with the MKM001 mid code and the 8x MKM003. They can be made in Singapore or India, though there have been a few showing up lately that were made in Taiwan.