Please help.

I’m pretty much a Newbie-burnt MP3s and jpeg back ups etc.

I’m using TDK DVD+R DL discs to copy some movies.

1 out of the 3 attmepts have been successful.

Using Nero 6 and AnyDVD.

Nero says burn completed successfully.

Copying to HD and then burning to DVD at 2.4x.

Using Pioneer 109 DVD burner with the latest firmware.

The disc will not play on either PC Pioneer 109 DVD or my Panasonic DVD-RV32 player (which supports DVD+R DL discs).

On the PC it shows up in the drive as a DVD but when I clcik to play I get the message - “H:\ not accessible - Incorrect function” and it will not play on the Panasonic.

Discs are aus$4.50 each-so it’s getting very expensive for someone with limited means.

Please, any help or suggestions?


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It could be a media issue. Most of DL media have a low quality. Only verbatim media until now are good enough to ensure reliable results. Even if nero say burn done successfull, it could be that the media is unreadable.

Do you have a liteon or a benq drive? Or a friend with one of these burners? If yes, can you ask to do a scan, to see how many errors there are on these DL discs?

A first suggestion that I can give is to buy only quality media, aka verbatim.

I’m not sure that media quality is the ansmwer-surely these TDK DL discs are OK-they burned one of the three attempts perfectly.

Very frustrating-particularly since the discs are so expensive.


Don’t be so sure Jenna. That’s classic behavior of not so good media. Some come out fine while some do not. As said before only Verbatim DL media should be used and even then you still could get a failure or two. :iagree:

i’d say that one out of three attempts indicates that they’re NOT ok!

and are the discs made by TDK? check the media ID code on the discs on the disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed and let us know the manufacturer of the discs.

at the moment verbatim (MKM manufactured) discs are the only ones that people really recommend and trust for reliable burns.

Those TDK DLs hve what mediacode (MID)?

I would only trust Verbatim DL media yet. And they are recommended for your Pioneer 109 burner.

In my opinion, something that works only 1 times out of three (sorry if I did a grammar error) can’t be good or reliable.

I think that you should try to buy a better quality media. Until now only Verbatim make good quality DL media.

The media code is RICOHJPN D00 (001)-manufactured by Ricoh.


I tried to ‘benchmark’ with the Nero DVD Speed program and it started then gave me the error message: Error - LOGICAL BLOCK ADDRESS OUT OF RANGE (052100) if that means anything.

I did successfully burn a DVD on my TDK single layer discs using AnyDVD to rip and then DVD Shrink to fit on a 4.7GB disc-and it burned OK and then played in the DVD player-BUT it’s pixelated (right term?) and a little jumpy at times.

Feeling a littel defeated…


i think everyone that has offered advice has said the same thing.

you need to switch to better quality discs. at the moment MKM manufactured (Verbatim branded) discs are really the only discs that people trust for reliable DL backups.

the reason you got an error when you benchmarked the disc was because it was burned so poorly.

The 4.7GB TDK discs have a manufacturer ID of TTH02 but manufacturer is listed as “unknown”.


Understand on the disc change-on the benchmark error-that was on a blank disc.


Unfortunately pixellation (correct term indeed) and jumpiness of the picture is indicative of poor media on all disc types. It sounds like you need better SL media as well. For DL media, see if you can get hold of the Verbatim +R DL media types recommended above.

Edit: OK I’m too slow - we all said the same thing! :slight_smile: … except for TTH02 which is supposed to be very good SL media but possible faked :eek:.

See section on Faked Media about half-way down.

so wait…you were benchmarking a blank disc?

That’s just Nero-speak for saying it doesn’t support the Pio. :slight_smile:

Ummm yeah, is that a ‘duh’ thing?




Pio means Pioneer and Nero CD DVD Speed supports it.
Just use the latest version.