TDK DVD+R DL 8x @ BestBuy

TDK DVD+R DL 8x @ BestBuy

It’s once again time to find out what the new media on the block REALLY is…

Might’s well start the pool… I’ll put $5 on Ritek.

I’ll put a grand on Ricoh . :stuck_out_tongue: Nah, I’ll put a buck. Different region, plus I think that MID is actually the 2.4x Ricoh DL. :confused:

I had before comp USA 25pack was Ritek D01 and 5pack was Ricoh
about this new design packaging may MII or MIC ?
I mean Not better than Before also sony DL 25pack was Made in Japan ( best buy ) but suddenly it change to Ritek D01
P.S I hope my guess is wrong and I go get tomorrow

8X??? man ritek cant even make 2.4X DL burn right, I’ll pass

The media code will be RICOHJPND01.

8x though? I know that was the code on their 2.4x rated discs. Anyways, Ritek is my bet.

My bet is [B]CMC MAG D04[/B]

I just noticed the famous CMC TNR font of LOCK------OPEN on top of the TDK spindle at BB’s site :bigsmile:

Unfortunately, web sites frequently have deceptive or inaccurate pictures, so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

2.4x was either RICOHJPND00 or RITEKD01. I said RICOHJPND01.

I coming from Bestbuy it is RICOHJPND01 and MIT ( very hard to check about MIT it is so small my both eyes 1.5 but really hard see it )

Burn one for us :clap:

I won! Now how do I collect my money? :bigsmile:

I burn first disc but it is very bad I’m afraid about post here
I will post it until I got better result :iagree:

That bad huh. So in other words don’t rush out to buy any…

I will try to burn lateset burner with firmware after I will post it
sorry for waiting

Take your time. You don’t have to if you don’t want to :slight_smile:

I burned LG GSA-H44L SB01
#1 & #2 from BB TDK Brand RICOHJPND01 burn speed 4X
#3 is Verb DL burn speed 4X from Micro Center last month
#4 is burned with BenQ 1655 BCIB burn speed 4X but fail to burn 2nd layer

Thank you, Burnsama. I will pass on this.

Looks like the best deal for DL disc is from micro center, MKM001 20pc for $27.99.

And Ricoh is gonna introduce 16X DL media soon. Business Bureau should get into this case, should stop Ritek and Ricoh selling DL media, stop them from selling unusable products