TDK? dvd-r confusing info?



I have a few dvd-r disks which dvd identifier states the following:



and on the centre rim area:


and in VERY small print in rim area:

1FP1 BD03

I do not have the tub or other paper label etc.

these disks are a blueish purple underneath and silver on top

Please advise if these are really tdk manufacture and what is xlogic?

ALSO i have HYUNDAI label dvd +R

dvd identifier states:

manufacturer: taiyo yuden co ltd

manufacture id: yuden000

media type TO2

and in VERY small type near the rim:

1FP1 BD03

does this mean these hyundai disks are manufactured by Taiyo Yuden?

what does the 1FP1 BD03 mean?

thank you all


The Hyundai are fake Taiyo Yuden, likely made by Infosmart. You could get anywhere from fair to terrible results with them. The TTG02 I’m assuming are real, I don’t think that media code has even been faked before. TTG02 are pretty good discs, although I’m not a fan of them. I’m not sure what the ‘Xlogic’ is, are these Xlogic(?) brand, TDK brand, ?


You have the same stampercode for both discs, which means they’ve both been manufactured by the same company.

  1. Hyundai is known to fake TY media
  2. genuine TTG02 stampercode is “DVD-R XXXXXX” (X=alphanumeric characters)
  3. genuine TY T02 stampercodes are four-digits numbers, and the serials are '“TGXXXXXX”.

So, to me, it seems obvious that both media are counterfeits. And probably of very low quality, sorry for the bad new. :frowning:

Welcome to the forum anyway… :slight_smile:


Sorry, incorrect way to put it, the discs are not counterfeits/knock-offs (don’t pretend to be brand X or Y), the [I]mediacode is fake[/I]. :wink: - still, most probably very low quality discs.

[B]Dakhaas [/B]could probably tell who manufactures these.


I think all fake media has IFPI codes. All the stuff i have used has it as well. This includes TTH02, MCC 02G20, MCC 003, TYG02 and TYT02

Also my cheap AML 002 media uses IFPI coded.

And my genuine SONY D11 (Sony branded) and Daxon D42 +RW (genuine) also use IFPI codes along with the usual serials.

Also, correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure that all Pressed DVD movies have IFPI codes.


I missed the obvious there, the fact that he listed the same IFPI code. Do they really have the same code oostrich1, or did you inadvertently type in the same code for both? What’s the actual ‘brand’ for the TTG02?


Serial number from a genuine TTG02 should be of the form :


It’s a typical CMC 8x DVD-R serial, which is probably why Francksoy didn’t post it. You shouldn’t use this as a main criterion for judging if the disc is real or fake. However, you can use it as supporting proof to confirm if the disc is real or fake after checking with the stamper code (which is as Francksoy stated above).

With that in mind, your TTG02 is clearly fake.

Francksoy has stated everything about your Hyundai media already, and I second that.


Its all about the brand. If its not TDK branded then its most likely fake.


Yup, although I don’t know why anybody would fake TDK’s own media. It isn’t terrible per se but it certainly isn’t worth faking. Kinda like someone faking the Prodisc or CMC Mag codes.


TDK media made in Japan is quite good and is supported at full speeds in most burners’ firmware, so I can see why the codes would be “borrowed.” TDK makes good dye; the problem is the in the manufacturing of the discs in Luxembourg and Taiwan.


You’re basing this opinion on PIE/PIF scanning. The general public has no clue about PIE/PIF scanning, and TDK has an excellent reputation, they’re far more renowned, among the general public, than Taiyo Yuden are… :wink:

So faking TDK MIDs (and TDK-branded media) is nothing surprising.

Besides, I personally like TDK media very much. Has never let me down. :disagree:


RE: I missed the obvious there, the fact that he listed the same IFPI code. Do they really have the same code oostrich1, or did you inadvertently type in the same code for both? What’s the actual ‘brand’ for the TTG02?

The stamper?? code mentioned are identical on both disks, the TTG02 has no brand on the “label” side, just silver, the "xlogic’ may be the name they were sold under, neither of the disks are mine, luckily.

To me , after reading your responses, they are both fakes.



Ok, after clarifying that they are unlabeled, unbranded discs and a TTG02 code, definitely fake. Legit TDK media can and does occasionally show up in other brands beside TDK, but not unbranded.

I wouldn’t bother faking TTG02 media either but then TDK has a good reputation as Franksoy mentions. But then again faking a media code is usually done for using its’ write strategies, not to actually fool the customer into thinking it’s legit TDK, if they wanted to fool the customer into buying fake TDK they’d brand it that way as fake Verbatims in Europe have shown up. Confusing customers with fake media codes is just an unpleasant side effect of using someone else’s media code. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s too bad that TDK is exiting the CD/DVD media manufacturing business. :frowning:

About fake TDK MID’s: Some of the VERY first faked MID codes we ever saw on DVD media were manufactured by PRINCO :Z and used a TDK 2x DVD-R MID. Faking a TDK MID is nothing new.


:disagree: Looks like you missed my freak show, unbranded TDKG02, 2X rated, from SVP (they’re still carrying them), burnt @12X, 600% overspeed without any problem. :stuck_out_tongue: (the PIF cluster was caused by an impurity on the recording surface, I’ll post a “cleaner” scan soon :wink: )


They’re not exiting the business! :disagree: They’re stopping their [I]manufacturing[/I] of optical media.

TDK discs (with TDK own MIDs and technology) will keep on being manufactured, but by third-party manufacturers (like it’s already the case for most of their production, actually, that is manufactured by CMC if I’m not mistaken).
" With this decision, TDK will accelerate [B]ODM[/B] business model for the current generation of recordable CD&DVD products, or the third party supply"[/I]


What do you mean? :stuck_out_tongue:
/me sneaks in edit


Ok you got me there, but I was speaking in modern terms, 8x+. :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t start bragging about your 2x at 12x or I’ll have to start showing off my 2.4x CMC at 12x and nobody wants that, as they’ll accuse me of lying no doubt. :rolleyes:


Yup, TDK and Maxell. I still have some fake Maxell 2x discs, they burn decent for being fake crap actually. :clap:


That was exactly my point. It would be one think to fake the labeling and pop them on store shelves. It is another to have unbranded media and then put a faked media code on it. The point being that the average consumer doesn’t even know enough to do a basic media manufacturer id. The folks that know enough about media to at least do a basic manufacturer id probably aren’t going to jump up and down about getting a TDK media ID code. So once again, I can see the point of faking MCC or Taiyo Yuden codes since they are highly desired by those looking for particular media IDs, but faking TDK (unless they faked the whole labeling process) is worthless.