Tdk Dvd+r Cmc Mag E01

How would these burn on my LiteOn 832s VSOA?

I saw some Kprobe’s in the CMC dvd+r thread, but none of them were with this burner and this firmware. From what I saw they seem to be hit and miss.

Link to media:

They burn well.
I have an 812s@832s and went through a few diff brands of -R media with very average results before trying +R. These were the 1st brand I bought to try. (Theyre the 8x yeah???)

Im at work - so dont have any scans to show, but they have been typically scanning PI/PIF max of 10/3 . Thats burning at 4x - the 8x wasnt as great- so I havent done much at 8x.

Theyre widely avaialble, and can be found relatively cheaply.
Other than Verbatim, there doesnt seem to be many other Good brands of +R available in OZ.
(The Brands + prices on offer overseas in the Bargain basement forum makes me cry.)

I think I’ll try them out. I know some people seem to think CMC is garbage, but I think that is exaggerated. I’m talking about the 8x ones, but I would only be burning at 4x max. The burner can burn at 8x as you know, but I prefer a quality burn over speed. I’ll be buying them at There’s no where around me I can buy blank dvds unless I want to pay $4 a disc (Safeway), so I’m stuck shopping online. Anyway, if you have some Kprobes you can post up when you get that would be great.

Ok here is scan from a burn just done. FW is VSOG.

Where are you that you need to buy these on line?
I think the 8x CMC are better quality than the lower speed versions…

Very nice. I’m currently using Ritek R02 dvd+r 4x. I occasionally get a PIF spike or two up to 5 though, which is no big deal though. Anyway, I keep changing my mind because I’ve got people telling me that Ritek is far better then TDK and others saying they are about the same, others saying CMC will fail long before Ritek and vice versa. Oy.

As to where I live…I live on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. All that’s down here is a Kmart, which sells blank dvds, but sells them only in 10 packs and very expensively, Safeway, which is a complete write off and a few computer shops which only sell Princo garbage and charge $30 a spindle for those! However, there is a Sunday market that I keep meaning to go to, but then again I am wary of buying blanks from markets. You never know what you’ll get from those guys.

I’ve been using these for awhile now after seeing them in BigW, thought what the hell and tried em (knowning they were going to be cmc). So far i’m pretty happy with the results I get from them…burn really well, not 1 failure, and so far still working from coping a hammering from my 2 son’s! :bigsmile: I’m not a big cmc-mag fan, but these love my LiteOn and have given me consistant burns from every tub i’ve used.
Included a scan I did with VS0E @ x6 (starting to use VS0G now tho). I pretty much burn all my x8 media x6, depending on what i’m burning! :stuck_out_tongue:

Another great burn! Thanks for sharing. Hell, I may as well buy a pack of 50 and try them out. The only reason I am wary of them is because they are CMC, but if I get good burns from them, then hopefully they should last just as long as any other disc.

Ya…can only try and see how they go in your burner. I’ve used other cmc-mag media with no sucess.

Was the other CMC media -r stuff though?

The printable, white-top TDK branded CMC E01s I purchased at Circuit City (3 diff. stores) seem to be low quality, on both my drives (see sig). I have other E01s that burn great, but not these. YMMV.

nah…I mostly use +R media

Can’t say there, as I don’t own any of those drives. In a few days i’ll have a NEC3520a, so i’ll do some testing with it then. However the white-top TDK branded CMC E01s (50 tub) do burn reasonably well in my 3500a (not as good as my LiteOn however). What works for me doesn’t mean to say it’ll work the same for you tho! :bigsmile:

True, and there’s media variance to deal with. That said, I’m dissatisfied enough with TDK E01s that I’m returning a 25-cake that I bought for 6.99 USD.

Well, I’ve purchased a TDK 50 pack of the above discs from
They are only $30. That doesn’t put me off though as the Riteks I have bought previously were only $28. But, anyway, once I’ll get them I’ll run some tests and hopefully be happy with them.

So TDK phases out my favorite 4x media, which is RICOH, and I go to 'best’buy and get a pack of 8x TDK’s and sure enough they are f@#king CMC and fail when I try to burn them.

Anyone know if the 8x TDK DVD+R’s come in RICOH? Or do I get to start looking for new media?

TDK 8x DVD+R will be RICOHJPNR02 in this type of spindle (Made in Taiwan):

However, from my experience, RICOHJPNR02 is OK but not great. I see you have a 708a, I know that the drive (and other drives) loves Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000-T02. You can find T02 in TDK+R 8x, Fujifilm +R 8x, Sony +R 8x --make sure the box says Made in Japan.

hey thanks for the tip, sure enough mine say made in taiwan.

much appreciated

TDK in Aus have changed their +R 8x 25 spindles from ricoh to CMC, packaging looks identical.

Wasn’t all that impressed after I purchased them :confused:

Man, i know what you mean. I just bought TDK+R 8x 25 spindle from Dick Smith expecting them to be RICOHJPNR0 like the spindle i purchased before, but they turned out to be crap CMCMAGE01… When i scanned it the errors reached as high as 35 on kprobe… very pissed off

G’day all,

No guys, the packaging of “RICOHJPNR02” and “CMC MAG E01” coded TDKs are COMPLETELY different. For starters, CMC completely wraps their spindles in soft plastic shrink wrap with the actual seal running from the top of the pack, down one side, across the bottom, up the otherside, and around the top. RITEK, who makes the RICOHJPNR02’s, only wrap their spindles up enough so that the top cover cannot be twisted off. The plastic wrapping used on RICOHJPNR02 spindles is hard and stays the same shape after it is removed from the actual spindle (it isn’t creased and wrinkly like CMC’s shrink wrap), and features a perforrated strip that allows you to remove the wrapping easily. Also, the bases on the RICOHJPNR02 spindles are a glossy black, whereas the CMC spindle bases are a dark grey.

Next time you go to your local store, have a look at what’s on the shelf and use my ramblings on above as a guide.

P.S. Please note: this guide applies to Australian TDK media only.

zevia, i’ve got a spindle of TDK 8X DVD+R that looks just like that and it’s CMC MAG E01.