TDK DVD-R burns at 1X

Newb here so please be nice :slight_smile:

I’m just about finished my 1st ever burn. It’s a disc copy from a Liteon 167T to a Pioneer 108. I am using TDK media, no idea how good or bad it is but this burn is 90% through and 49 minutes have passed. :eek:

The DVD-R looks like the third one from the left of this page, the orange one:

I’m starting to think this is simply due to crappy media. Is there a definitive list somewhere that I can look this stuff up on?


id imagine the disk is burning at the speed you selected, but the burner is going into smartburn-mode and pausing the burn every so often because either your dvd reader or IDE channel on your PC isn’t transfering the data quick enough. If you try burning to the same blank dvd disks, but straight off the Hard disk, the burner may not have to pause as often, or not at all, so the overall burn time may be quicker.



It would probably burn faster if you didn’t burn OTF (on-the-fly).