TDK DVD+R 8x 100 pack Made in Japan in Bestbuy

I just saw them in my local bestbuy. The cakebox is TYs. The price is $79.99. Anyone has a clue, is it TY T02?

Since they’re made in Japan, so I’d say 99.9% chance they’re Yuden T02. I don’t see why TDK would pack them full of TDK002 and put them in a TY cakebox…

Lets see next week if it’s on sale for 39.99 I might grab one. I hope to see a better TY quality compare to Fuji TY and unbranded TY @rima a couple months ago. Ahh but 100 pieces?!? what am i gonna do with them lol.

Let’s hope that happens. I’ll be there when they open and buy a couple of them. That would be a steal!!!


according to 2 people in


dsdarli, the media reports on Videohelp are for the 10 disc package in jewel cases and 25 disc spindle, both of which are made in Taiwan.

Yuppers… Missed that one for sure…

The Ad in Chicago is for 25 spindle for 9.99 after instant rebate for either -/+. Even if Ritek that’s 40 cents each for 8X. I’m told the 8X have to be of higher quality then 2.4X.

RICOHJPNR02 for US$0.4 sounds reasonable.