TDK DVD+R 4x discontinued?

What gives? I went on pricegrabber to look up pricing for tdk 4x dvd+r’s and only one place has 100 spindles now, and they’re way over priced. I just bought some a few weeks ago.

I noticed bestbuy has 8x now, so did TDK discontinue the 4x disks? Thats pretty much all ever used, and my px-708a could burn them at 8x…

Damn, no wonder I was getting the 4x for so cheap, they must have been on their way out!


uhhhh yeah when something newer and better comes out they don’t keep making the older stuff any longer…

but hey if you want i could hook you up with half a spindle of 1x princos if you want some old stuff. if you pay shipping you can have them.