TDK Durabis/ScratchProof using TYG03?

hello guys

back few months ago i stay in japan and purchase batch of TDK DVD-R… back then i didnt check much into the DVD… what i care is the DVD burn good

now after i checking those DVD i found out that … either TDK Durabis ( and TDK standard inkjet printable ( using same TYG03

is that mean both are same disc ?
or they came with same manufacture code but different in usage material?

and there also funny things in TDK marketing… they provide DVD-R for movies and Data… they all same except the movies DVD-R they label the package with 120minutes while the Data DVD-R got 4.7Gb…

i dunno whether they optimize the DVD or not, but most of time i pick movies version because i don’t see many stores in japan sell Data version, except bigstore like YodobashiCamera-Akihabara

hope someone explain to me
thanks before

Ok, first of all, TYG03 is a Manufacturer ID, a.k.a MID code. Discs with that media code are 16x DVD-R made by Taiyo Yuden. You can usually get the MID code by inserting a disc in your DVD drive and starting the application “Nero CD DVD Speed” or “Nero Disc Speed.”

The MID doesn’t always identify the manufacturer: sometimes companies subcontract the manufacture of discs to certain specifications, and in doing so, the subcontractors use the matching MID code.
Other times a company will subcontract the manufacture of DVDs but not give detailed specifications, so the subcontractee uses their own disc technology and MID codes - which is what happened with your TYG03 “TDK”

If one set of discs has a Taiyo Yuden MID, it’s quite possible that the other has a different manufacturer.

As to the difference between Data and Video DVDs, in Japan, most home recorders require that you only use DVD-R/RW/DL, and also require that the discs be “enabled” (and I use that term very loosely with DRM :a ) with a Digital Rights Management technology called CPRM, which stands for Content Protection for Recordable Media.

Thusly, discs not “enabled” with CPRM are marketed as “for Data” while those that are, are marketed as “for Video” even though you can use “for Video” DVDs for data if you want to.

wow thanks for complete information SeanW
since i didn’t have any home recorders, i never know much about it

this really good info ъ(`ー゜)

to give you some additional info:
Not all for Video have CPRM.
Only discs for use with digital terrestrial recorders need to use CPRM.
For normal analog TV non CPRM for Video discs are used.
Even some older recorders like the one i am still using do not work with CPRM discs so i mostly buy for Video without CPRM because its easier to get 4x or 8x discs labeled for Video than finding 4x for data discs.