TDK Dual Layers any good?

Can anyone say if these are good or not?

Thank you very much

I would stay away and stick with Verbatim DL

:iagree: To go slightly further, I would use Verbatim +R DL. :slight_smile:

As for whether the TDK’s are good. Hit or miss.

They’ll probably be RICOHJPN D00 or RITEK D01, so I’d agree with the Verbatim DVD+R DL opinion above :slight_smile:

sorry my bad, I should have said Verbatim DVD+R DL; I don’t think any DVD-R DL are any good.

i havent had many problems with either of them dual layers you mentioned kevatcrewe but i wouldnt trust them to last for more then a few months hence why i do 2 backups one on a verbatim +r dual layer :slight_smile:

The Verbatim -R DLs are good too (IMO), but I’ve found some players play them while some won’t. :slight_smile:

newegg has Verbatim DL for $36 shipped.

TDK used to make excellent media. But since they stopped in-house manufacturing, started outsourcing and even sell non-TDK-technology media, things went downhill quite a lot. I’ve had lotds of issues (poor burns, media defects, fast degradation) with TDK discs in 2006 (TTH01, TTH02, TDK003), as did some other members of this board.

I can’t recommened any TDK-branded disc anymore. :frowning: (this doesn’t include TDK Blu-Ray - quality of these is entirely unknown to me).

As others have advised, stick with Verbatim +R for DL, you won’t be sorry. :slight_smile:

Don’t buy it !
waste money and your time
If you buy it donate for keep make this totally useless media

I have some of them, and they are RICOHJPN D01. They are not good as Verbatims, but they are OK
Scan is here:

Don’t forget that “OK” can be extremely burner-dependant in the case of Ricoh DL. :cop:

…or Sony +R DL that is made in Singapore. :bigsmile:

See my response in craige4u’s thread - you NA folks are damn lucky sometimes :bigsmile:

Thanks for comments :slight_smile: and help…

won’t buy it, i saw it cheap and i thought if its good but then again

you get what you pay for lol :doh:

my verb dvd-r DL will scan with less errors then dvd+r dl.

and so far everything in the house plays them

I was surprised to see that [B]8x[/B] DVD+R DL sold under the brand TDK with the MID code [B]RicohJPN-D01-067[/B] burn well for example in a Plextor PX-760A or a BenQ DW-1655

This was not the case with the [B]2,4x[/B] DVD+R DL from TDK with MID code [B]RicohJPN-D00[/B]
and I dont know if this is the explanation:

This TDK is the same as one that I burned. Just to tell, MIT RICOHJPN D01 is better than MII, in my experience (I have one BenQ DVD+R DL 8x which is same media code, but MII)