TDK Drive - Fuji Discs

I have the TDK 321040B (Liteon 32123XS) and am planning to get some CDRs from Best Buy this weekend, which is having a special on Fuji (Taiyo Yuden) discs plus free shipping online. The one spindle deal is a better price due to a rebate, but the discs are only rated 16x. The two spindle deal supposedly includes discs that are rated 24x. Has anyone burned either of these at 32x with the TDK (Liteon)? thanks.:smiley:

but the discs are only rated 16x

so what ? I burnt those @24x and earlier 12x @16x.
It’s 100% sure that you’d be able to burn 24x @32x if you’re into it :bigsmile:

TDK d-view 16x 650 MB/ 74 min
ATIP info from disk - Read by Feurio 1.65
Recorder: LITE-ON - LTR-40125S
ATIP start of lead in: -02:35:74 (sector: -11699)
ATIP start of lead out: 74:43:00 (sector: 336225)
Manufacturer code: 97 24 01 - Taiyo Yuden Company Limited (Type: 1)
Disc subtype: Medium Type A, high Beta category (A+)

Have the same TDK 16X(Taiyo Yuden) discs here. With smartburn on they are limited to 16X. With smartburn off I could writa at any speeds but 20X/24X seems to be the max for these discs as they are unreadable at 32X and up…also sometimes at 24X.

Thanks has anynone tried the 24x?

I did some C1 scans on 16x Taiyo Yuden, burned at 16x: Much lower error rates than with 24x TY @ 24x (but the writer was a Plextor)…
These 16x TY are not designed for higher speeds.

I guess that explains the rebates… Didn’t matter when I had a 10x burner, I confess this is the first time I’m really paying attention to media speeds tho I’ve been having luck with some old Mistuis and I bet they’re no more than 16x, given that I’ve had them for about a year.

I just picked up some of these discs myself.

the 16X I got are TY P type dye and 16X is smartburn tops.

the 24X double spindle are TY tuned X and are 40Xsmartburn tops. They burn flawless on my VS06 non OC 48125W.