TDK discs became unreadable after a year

Hey I have a really strange problem.

I have several tdk discs that I burned about a year ago and they worked fine and then about two weeks ago they stopped working.
My dvd just does not recognize them, it doesn’t display an error message, it is just not aware that there is a media inside.

My dvd can read the Verbatim discs I have but not the TDK discs(both are dvd-r)
At first I thought it is something with my software driver(I moved not long ago to Linux),
but then I checked those discs on my dad computer(that run Windows) and they didn’t worked either.

Now I’m talking about at least 10 discs that were stored in different cases, so it’s really weird that all these discs stopped working about the same time.

Do you know what I can do with those discs and how to recover the data in them?

Thanks in advance.

Alright, unfortunately TDK has become crap in recent years (16x media) and there’s been reports to the discs degrading.

Now, the question is what dvd writers do you have in your system at the moment? LG drives are the best in my experience for reading degraded/poorly burnt discs. If the data is very important and none of your other drives can read the discs, you may need to invest in a LG DVD writer, even then I cannot guarantee you 100% that it will be able to read the discs back to your hard drive with 100% success.

You should download DVD decrypter and IMG burn. Use decrypter to read the discs. You can set the read error retries quite high so the reader keeps reading at the disc until it gets the data successfully. Use IMG burn to burn your images onto some new discs, preferably verbatim as they have not given you trouble and they have been reported to be good media for many people over the years.

Back up these TDKs and throw them out ASAP. If you wait too long the TDK discs will become far too degraded to read back.

Hi Guest1234, welcome to CDFreaks :slight_smile:

TTH02 are the discs I imagine you have received. Follow cd pirates advice above and you might be able to recover them :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advices :slight_smile:

I have an LG DVD writer, and it still can’t read them.
Do you know of a program like dvd decrypter for linux that can do many retries?

Doesn’t IMG burn or decrypter work at all for linux? I think you can use IMG burn to also read. Dunno about compatibility though. Unfortunately those are the best programs and only ones I use for reading/writing images. Perhaps someone else knows a linux compatible program that allows for powerful error correction and read retries?

You can use dvdisaster on linux to try recovering the data. It is in the debian repos or you could assemble it from source if you can’t find a package. It can do multiple passes on a disc in different drives to try recovering all the sectors. K3B should be able to burn the resulting ISO to a new disc. It’s possible some data may be unrecoverable but you could save most the data if the disc isn’t that bad. If there’s a second exact copy of the disc that’s also degraded you can scan both to try recovering missing sectors.